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New Nets Usage

The following communication was sent out to members on May 21st 2024 regarding the use and upkeep of our new artificial nets by Harrogate Cricket Club Members...

Members are free to use the nets at any reasonable time provided they are not being used for club training sessions or other official coaching sessions authorised by the club. A full list of club training sessions is attached can be found below.

The nets now have a new padlock on them. This has a combination code which can be entered to unlock the padlock. The code will be sent out to members via the Spond app and WhatsApp groups. At the present time, we are not operating a booking system. If the nets are not being used for official coaching sessions, they are free for members to use.

We attach a short guide regarding the use of the nets. Please read this in its entirety
before using them. Please remember that this facility cost just over £100,000 and it
is imperative that it is properly looked after.

The key headlines are as follows:
(i) Look after them and respect them.
(ii) No muddy footwear.
(iii) No spiked footwear.
(iv) Take away all rubbish and leave them tidy.
(v) Take all necessary safety precautions.
(vi) Cricket only.
(vii) If they are busy, and people are queuing to use them, limit yourself to 20 to 30 minutes.

The new nets are for use of Harrogate CC members only. Please do not distribute
the code out to non-members.

Anyone who wants to join Harrogate CC to become a member and use our facilities is welcome to do so (a social membership costs £50).

The existing two nets, located at the bottom of the practice ground, remain free to all to access and are our “community” nets. Anyone is welcome to use them. A plan is being formed to refurbish the matting in those nets.

If the nets are not looked after, and if they are not used correctly, then we will revert back to using them only for official club training sessions. This would a great shame and is not something we want to do. Please take collective ownership of this amazing asset. If you see someone abusing it, please politely ask them to stop.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
Harrogate Cricket Club

Cricket Club

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