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Walking Cricket

Over the age of 55 and love cricket? You might want to join Harrogate's Walking Cricket team...

Although new to Harrogate, Walking Cricket has become increasingly popular in South Yorkshire and in the south of England. You don't have to have a cricketing background, it could be that your only experience of cricket is on the beach or in the back garden. Perhaps you have a cricketing background but time and age caught up on you. Or maybe you have never had the opportunity to try the game but have loved following it on T.V. or at a local club. Walking Cricket is the perfect activity for many people; it also offers the opportunity to find out about wider aspects of the game such as umpiring and scoring. Walking Cricket is totally inclusive; there is no upper age limit.

What Is Walking Cricket?


Walking cricket is designed to offer over 55s a dedicated game to encourage them to keep active and keep playing the game they love. The game follows the same format as regular cricket, although the ball is softer so there is no requirement for helmets or pads. The bat is plastic and the pitch and playing area are reduced.

Players rotate in taking turns to bowl, bat, field, umpire and score. Bowling and throwing can be underarm or overarm. The batsman must walk to complete a run. The game of cricket is perfectly positioned to be adapted to a walking version so the game still feels very much like you’re playing cricket, keeping the loyal to its traditions and values. Just because it is played at a slower pace, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great form of fitness. Being up and about on your feet, moving around, hitting the ball and generally being in the swing of things will undoubtedly benefit body and mind.  The sessions will last up to 2 hours but include plenty of opportunities to sit, or stand, out.

After the game, a chat over coffee and biscuits in the Balcony Sports Bar will round off the session.

Getting Involved and further information...

Walking Cricket launched at Harrogate Cricket Club in June 2021 and has developed a keen group of members and enthusiasts.


The sessions will take place 2-4pm each Wednesday from early May and are open to women and men over the age of 55, no maximum age, previous experience is unnecessary.

If you would like more information about this activity please email or message Richard Whiteley at-

The games do not use leather balls, wooden bats or protective gear. Participants do not need to provide any equipment as it has kindly been supplied by Yorkshire Cricket Foundation. Participants need to dress appropriate for the weather conditions and a grass surface.

There is no signing on fee however a small weekly subscription of no more than £5 will be requested. This will also cover the cost of tea/coffee in the Balcony Sports Bar, it will also cover contributions towards use of the playing area.

It is hoped sessions will run through until the end of August.

Contact Details

If you would like to find out more about Harrogate Walking Cricket or register interest and reserve a place please contact Richard Whiteley by email on:

Cricket Club

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