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Harrogate CC to rotate the square for 2021 season

We're excited to reveal that after months of planning and a winter of hard work the main square at the Kirbys Solicitors County Ground will be rotated through 90 degrees for the 2021 season onwards.

After feedback that the first team pitches were too bowler friendly, it has been decided to turn the square to help even out the balance of play.

While one bowler from the newly named Playground End will get to bowl downhill, the other will have to charge uphill from the catchily-titled George Owram Breezeblock Seats End.

Director of senior cricket, George Owram, said: "We first came up with the idea as not enough runs were being scored. Batsmen were complaining that the conditions were too bowler-friendly, so by rotating the square we're hopeful that bowlers from the Breezeblock end will only be able to run in for 2 overs, thus giving batsmen more opportunity to play those lovely ramp shots and reverse scoops when the bowlers are tired."

On having an end named after him, George said: "It's a real honour. I've loved painting these breezeblocks and feel I have a real connection with them. This just feels right."

Head groundsman Iain Bullock and his assistant Doug Ahole have worked tirelessly over the winter to rotate the square. Firstly, they had to pick out each blade of grass and keep them alive under thermo lights in the Balcony Sports Bar - a handy use of space during lockdown. Since the temperatures have risen, they have then been sowing them in by hand to a slab of concrete using the cross-stitch method to ensure that the new square is hard and true.

The square is expected to be ready for the start of the season, with a groundbreaking practice match due to take place to test out the effect of vaccines between a Pfizer XI and an Oxford AstraZeneca XI.


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