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Notice of AGM

Harrogate Cricket Club will be holding its AGM next Tuesday, 12th May, starting at 7pm.

Given the current circumstances, we will attempt to hold the meeting via Cisco Webex Meeting. Full AGM and financial documents have been emailed out by club secretary Duncan Clark. If you are a member and have not received this email, please email and request for your email to be added to our mailing list.

Members are urged to attend the meeting to find out the latest on the Club and what your board are doing to ensure its future through the current challenging, cricket-less environment.

Members can attend the meeting in 3 ways:

1. Dialling in via your house or smartphone, voice only

2. Using your PC/other to video call - you will see us, we will see you!

3. Using your the app via your smartphone or tablet

Important: We would ask that everyone is on mute, unless asking a question.

The board have successfully held their monthly meetings using Cisco Webex and we hope that scaling it up to an AGM will be successful!

Further instructions are below.

The instructions for joining the Virtual AGM are as follows:

Audio only attendance:

This is performed on either your landline or mobile, and will allow you to listen to the meeting and talk to the meeting but you won’t be able to see anyone, nor will they see you.

Ring 0203 478 5289

When asked to do so enter Access Code 951 290 805 # Please give your name so we know you are attending the meeting.

Video attendance:

Video connection from a PC and will run on Cisco Webex Meeting;

Join me now in my Personal Room.

Click here to join from a PC / Laptop / Mobile Device

Please note: The audio details for the meeting will be available to select when you load the meeting centre by clicking the link above.

This will download a small .exe file which needs to be run from your downloads folder, so please allow a few minutes for it to install. When installed you may need to click on the Cisco Webex icon on the desktop.

When you click to start audio select the 3rd option, audio via pc

Meeting number (access code): 951 290 805 #

PC microphones can give an issue with feedback so please mute your microphone when not talking. There is a phone icon towards the bottom of your screen. It may also be better using headphones or ear buds.

It is also possible to download the Cisco Webex Meeting app to your smartphone - we've yet to test this!


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