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We're Recruiting - Join The Team Behind the Teams

Do you have skills which would benefit the running of Harrogate Cricket Club? Are you a member who wants to give something back to the Club. Or perhaps you want to add to your CV by carrying out a role which will give you experience for the future.

Read on... because Harrogate Cricket Club is looking for members to join the team behind the teams (or sub-committee members, in 1990s speak!).

With a thriving junior section, four senior teams, vast grounds and a wonderful pavilion facility, running Harrogate Cricket Club is similar to running a medium-sized business.

To do that, we have a dedicated team of board members, each with their area of responsibility, leading small teams of sub-committee members. The new board has made huge strides in the past couple of years, but to take things further and unleash the potential of the Club, we need more help.

We're therefore looking for playing members, non-playing members, or even the local community to step forward and help the Club move forwards. We're looking to form various teams to tackle everything from fundraising to social media and grounds.

If you think you can help with any of the below, please contact

Grounds & Maintenance Team

Headed up by Andy Leatham, with help from Ian Glen, this team is responsible for the upkeep of our vast grounds and site. The pavilion and changing rooms have been transformed over the course of 2020, while work has also been done on the driveway, decorating and general maintenance. Another two or three members who really want to get involved with the maintenance of the ground would be of great assistance.

Communications Team

Headed up by Rob Stanworth, the communications function is responsible for regularly updating our social media, website, local press and sending out a monthly newsletter. But much more can be done. Anyone with skills, or a desire to move in to marketing, PR, design or journalism would be a useful addition to the team.

Creation of a Social Team

As and when we can enjoy each other's company again, we would like to form a social team who would be responsible for planning and running social events for our playing members. Whether it's a repeat of the end of season T20 tournament, FIFA or pool tournaments in the bar, BBQs or end of season awards evenings.

Archivist / History Role

Harrogate Cricket Club has a rich and proud history, but much of it is currently consigned to photographs and scorecards. We're in search of someone who can go through these old artefacts and bring them to life, either in the pavilion or online. From making digital copies of old scorebooks (some dating back to 1877!) to archiving old club handbooks and correspondence. An ideal role for a retiree, it can be done over a long period of time.

Equality & Diversity Officer

Cricket is a game for everyone, and we want to ensure that at Harrogate Cricket Club we are providing a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for everyone to play the game we love, irrespective of race, gender or sex.


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